Technical Staff

 Larry Stauffer, Willie Smith, Phil Eargle, Dave Evans, John Mustered, Neil Alexander, John Alexander, Randy Wheeler, Steve Rush,
Kurt Sakamoto, Clint Hruby,
Travis Longley & Mount Tahoma Staff


Maks Zakharov ~ David Main 

Dave Main was the exclusive staff photographer for DTN for over 10 years. Dave has been a recipient of the DTN DIRECTORS AWARD. Many of our posters and
promotional materials feature his work.

Video Production

Dave Kellman


 June Davies, Laurie Dodsworth, Shawn Davidson,
Melanie Kirk-Stauffer, Katy Levesque,  Audrey Thunder, Jan Sandger


 Chhay Mam, Melanie Kirk-Stauffer, Brian Kirk, Renee Healy, 
Willie Smith,  Debbie and June Davies